Susanne Fessé is an art historian, curator and writer. She holds a position as Editor in Chief of the journal Utställningskritik witch focuses on criticism of the exhibition medium at Sweden's culture and natural history museums.

With s a special interest in lens-based art and is one of the founders of VERK journal, rewarded with the Swedish Publishing Prize 2018. Susanne is as a curator part of the exhibition group of CFF - Center of Photography in Sweden.


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Exhibition: WG. Project 15 A Room of One's Own, 8-23 September 2017. In collaboration with and curated by VERK | Curerar, C-Print and TjejLand

A Room of One's Own, WG.Project 15, 2017, installation photo: Linda Bergman.


WG.Project 15

A Room of One's Own

In collaboration with and curated by

C-Print, TjejLand and VERK | Curerar

The point of departure for the group exhibition A Room of One’s Own at Wetterling Gallery is marked by a curatorial joint venture between three independent art initiatives based in Stockholm; C-print Journal, TjejLand and VERK, each with an objective to create space and room for contemporary art in text, print and social media. Standing at the forefront at Wetterling Gallery notably is photography and video. In A Room of One’s Own the three initiatives are joined in their background of presenting nomadic exhibitions outside own physical rooms and temporarily intersect here with the established first-tier gallery circuit through Wetterling Gallery. As such, the title itself mirrors this very focal point and spatial fluidity, as well as the shared aspiration to stress new borders for art encounters.


Stefanie Moshammer 

Iris Smeds

Behzad Farazollahi


VERK tidskrift is a digital publication with lense based art as its core focus. The publication aims to highlight achievements and currents within the field and stresses dialogue and new art encounters. VERK tidskrift is founded by Linda Bergman (editor in chief) and Susanne Fessé (publisher). Curatorial projects are presented by Linda Bergman and Susanne Fessé as VERK | Curerar.

C-print Journal was founded in 2013 by brothers Ashik & Koshik Zaman as an online publication to highlight diversity in contemporary art, which has since grown into a mobile curatorial platform for artistic exhibitions and collaborations.

TjejLand is as a printed publication about contemporary photography by women, which is self-published by artist Petra Stenvall. TjejLand is driven by the objective to create the due room for women in contemporary art that is sometimes missing.


Förlagssamtal med CFF på Landskrona fotoboksdag

Exhibition: Flyktpunkt – Ny svensk fotografi 2017. CFF - Centrum för fotografi, 5 September - 17 Oktober