Susanne Fessé (1977) is a curator, art historian and writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is one of the founders, and the publisher at VERK journal. In addition to gallery shows, she has curated a number of temporary site-specific exhibitions in public space.

As writer, she has published articles in, among others, Bulletinen, Fotografisk Tidskrift, Cora, VERK journal and Catalogue for the Swedish Photobook Prize, 2017.


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Workshop leader, three days for Moment agency in Stockholm.

Moment was founded as a collective for photojournalists in Stockholm, Sweden in 2002. Since then Moment has evolved and welcomed new members from Norway, Denmark and Finland, making it the most recognized photographers' collective in Scandinavia, and bringing some of today's best Scandinavian photography to the rest of the world.

Moment is today based in Oslo, Norway. Its members mainly focus their work on Scandinavia, but travel frequently and cover subjects worldwide. Outside Scandinavia, Moment currently has one member based in Los Angeles and one in London.

Moment's photograhpers work both on assignment and on personal and group projects. Moment's work is widely published and exhibited, and its photographers have received many of the industry’s most prestigeous awards.

Current members are Oddleiv Apneseth, Elin Berge, Marie Hald,  Eivind H Natvig, Chris Maluszynski, Helge Skodvin, Knut Egil Wang and Juuso Westerlund. Moment is managed by its board:  Director Eivind H Natvig, together with Knut Egil Wang, Elin Berge and Helge Skodvin. 

Exhibition: Salong CFF, Centrum för fotografi, curator together with Iréne Berggren. Group show 140 participating photographers.

Föreläsning på Fotogalleriet [format]: Fotografi och video i det offentliga rummet