Susanne Fessé (1977) is a curator, art historian and writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is one of the founders of VERK journal. In addition to gallery shows, she has curated a number of temporary site-specific exhibitions in public space.

As writer, she has published articles in, among others, Bulletinen, Fotografisk Tidskrift, Cora, VERK journal and Catalogue for the Swedish Photobook Prize, 2017.


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Visiting Helsinki for artist talks, as workshop leader and reviewer at portfolio review.

Artists talk: Nordic Moments, The Finnish Association of Photojournalists at Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby, 15 June, Helsinki. Photographers from Moment agency and curator Susanne Fessé talks about the project Almost Perfect.

Portfolio review, The Finnish Association of Photojournalists, at Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby, 15 June, Helsinki.

Workshop leader, three days for Moment agency in Helsonki 13-15 June 2017.

VERK tidskrift is nominated to Publishingpriset 2018 as Webbjournal.

Nelli Palomäki - Dora and Vera - VERK tidskrift, nr 2 2018.